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Born on 30.09.1982, the same year when Times announced that Man of The Year is The Computer and Indira Gandhi becames The Prime Minister of India.

My first book was about indians and love, where all the illustrations were done by me. Then there were no inner-critic or fear to turn into a laughingstock. Loved those years. By the way, I was 10.

I travelled 5,5 months in Australia and Asia. Didn’t like so much Australia, because of the hard work, adored Asia (still do). Before and after my findingmyself trip i worked in advertising and marketing business for 10 years. But, but, but. As long as i remember, the only true thing what i have always wanted to do is to become a writer. That is what i said, when my parents asked me The Question, when i was three-four years old and then i knew a lot.

I have been learning two years in Holistika Instituut to become a holistic regression therapist (my studies are on hold), a Re-birthing therapist (ended), TRE I level instructor (ended) and a Karam Kriya consultant (first stadium).

Let’s see where life is pushing me. I just go with the flow.


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